Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Packers vs Vikings!!!

This past weekend I got the opportunity to go to a Packers versus Vikings game.  Besides the Bears, the Vikings are the Packers biggest rival!  I have been to Lambeau 4 times for games but tickets there are supadupa expensive. So this time I was invited to go to the Metradome in Minneapolis.  (Just so you know this post involves the word "poop")  My husband calls the Metradome the "Poopdome".  If you are familiar with sports stadiums you know Lambeau if one of the best.  The "Poopdome"?  One of the worst.  They want a new stadium so bad that the Vikings may be moving on to a different state.  The dome also has the smallest NFL screens I have ever seen.

Anyways.  Guss, myself, my BCF Katie, her husband, his cousin from Michigan, my cousin Rachel, and her husband all traveled to Minnesota.  We wanted to tailgate but for some reason they only have random designated areas.  The parking areas wouldn't allow it (this is the NFL, come on!!!!) so we ended up parking in a lot for $20 bucks and then walking across the street to a park.  At the park there were other people grilling and drinking.   Of course it rained so we took refuge under some trees in the park (seen below).  I will give the Poopdome two compliments.  It is a dome so we didn't have to sit in the rain, and the people who sold me beer were very friendly.  

It was easily 50% Packer fans so it was a lot of fun!  I was a little nervous at first but then we came out and kicked some major ass.  The Green Bay Packers are now 7-0...the only undefeated team in the league.  

Another little tidbit about the Poopdome is that since the mascot is the Vikings they blow this damn Viking horn when something good happens.  It even annoys me on the TV.  Well my cousin's husband made up something awesome and we all joined in.  To the tune of (yes, i am going to attempt to write this) "dooo-dooooooooo" we would go "scoooooooreboooaarrrrrd!" was awesome.  

This part I am not saying I condone (since I did not participate) but my cousin's husband started saying something about the cheerleaders being fat.  They are by no means even close but he was drunk and out of control!  But the funny thing he said was "the cheerleaders are throwing butter in the stands!".  I don't even get it but I think that was hilarious!

Final thought...most of the pictures are blurry.  Blame it on the drunk Packer fans!

 Mason didn't come with but he was in his Packer gear!
 Hiding from the rain

 The poopdome in all its "glory"
We won!  That's Aaron Rodgers doing some interviews.  And to the right of him #8 is Ryan Longwell.  He used to play for the Packers and I actually have his autograph!

This also checks off #38 on my Day Zero Project!!!


Asha said...

thanks for following :) you have a great blog and i'm following you back!

Stephanie said...

Looks like a blast and your little munchkin could not be cuter.

Thanks for the kind words :) Looking forward to following you!

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

FUN! I have yet to go to a pro game :( But that changes Thanksgiving weekend. My parents' teams are playing each other so I surprised them with tickets.

Kim said...

The Viking horn drives me crazy!

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