Tuesday, October 4, 2011

101 in 1001 update

In the past month I have made some progress on my Day Zero Project...So I am making this post an update of all of them so far.

#7 - Get a blog redesign - this has been mentioned numerous times but can't mention it without giving a shout out to Kasey who actually did it!

#16 - Travel to at least 5 different places I've never been (3/5) 
           - Springfield Missouri...we went and spent a whole day shopping (where I found my love for nail polish) and went antiquing 
           - Branson Missouri...the town our whole vacation was based upon.  My parents have a time share there.  It was a nice enough town but it is definitely for the middle age crowd.  Just a lot more shows and stuff than I am into at this point in my life.
           - Kauffman Stadium...home of the Kansas City Royals (see #37 below)

#17 - Eat at 10 new restaurants (2/10)

            - Joe's Crab Shack (seen here)
            - Danna's BBQ...delicious semi-southern BBQ. (in Branson)
#37 - Go to a MLB Game - on Saturday September 17th, we went to a Kansas City Royals game against the Chicago White Sox.  I am a Milwaukee Brewers fan through and through but it was nice to cheer for the home team.  They actually kicked butt and there was lots of cheering, beer, and fireworks.  It was also neat a former player of the Brewers now played for the Royals.  And we had awesome seats! (third base, 5th row)

This player (#2) used to play shortstop for the Brewers

#58 - Write a love letter to my husband - I accomplished the online letter, and now have done the written one.

#91 - Watch 26 movies starting with each letter of the Alphabet (2/26)
        - B: Bridesmaids...(here)
        - F: Funny People...OK movie, but not Adam Sandler's best.  
(this one has me a bit scared...am I actually going to find a movie I want to watch that starts with X? Or Z? Guess I'll find out)

#96 - Visit one new state - Well when we were in Missouri we took the 15 mile trip down to Arkansas.  No offense if someone loves it there but besides my love of Bill Clinton...there was nothing there for me.  So we went for the sake of being there.  

So there is my up-to-date project...I have another post coming soon with some other updates.


Kasey said...

Yay for progress! I haven't made much lately. :-/ I better get on that.

Thanks for the shout out! ;-)

Julie said...

That BBQ looks soooo good....I've been craving some lately! And the only movie I can think of that starts with X is X Men....I've never seen it though!

McFisch said...

This sounds like a fun project!

Holly said...

I would love to go to a Royals game...I've driven past the stadium but I need to go back to actually go there! Good for you keeping up to date on your list! I love updating mine and finding things to do to complete the items on it :) And I did the alphabet movie thing on my other list but only made it to 21--I didn't get X or Z, but I also made it "new" movies that I had never seen before which was even tougher.

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