Thursday, October 13, 2011

24 & a little 25

I'm not going to lie...I really want to stop doing my 30 Day Challenge (it has taken way longer than 30 days) but I told myself I was not going to quit!  So I am pushing through and here is some of Day 24 and 25) - the less interesting information.

24: someone who changed your life for the better - I would have to say my husband Guss.  I was a closeted bad kid.  Not in detention, no principles office, maybe got yelled at once (for talking during class, of course).  But outside, I hung with some bad kids and did some things I am not proud of.  When I first started dating Guss (in the 11th grade) I settled down a bit. Then after High School I freaked out.  I didn't know who I was or what I wanted in life.  So I went a bit wild with some things and Guss and I went through a rough patch.  But the time came when I realized I was being a bit foolish and Guss was still there for me.  So now I will never let him go. *insert evil laugh here*

A picture of something you wish you could change - this is my picture --> $$$$$$$   I am not asking to be a millionaire (even though I am sure that would be nice) but I would like more money to be comfortable and get some debt paid off (go away school loans!!!!)

25: The reason you believe you are still alive today - plain and simple...I don't think it is my time to go.  I think there is a plan for us and what we need to accomplish before we leave the earth.  I know that some people's lives are cut short way too early but I am hoping and trying to have faith, that there is a reason.

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Kasey said...

I wanted to quit early too! It gets to be a bit of a drain having to make those posts!

I like to read yours even if I don't always comment! :-)

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