Friday, October 14, 2011

What's in my bag?

Day 25/G:  What is in your bag?

My Coach purse.  I have a few Coach purses I have gotten (last one purchased about 3 years ago).  I went through a big Coach phase when I actually had money and no child.  Now I would never buy one again unless it was a really good deal.  The ones I did buy my Aunt purchased at Macy's for 25-35% off.

1. Dooney & Bourke thingy (don't know what they are called) holds my Coupons and store cards
2. Wallet
3. Checkbook with outdated cover
4. CoverGirl Outlast Lipstain
5. Mini-Notebook...I need paper wherever I go
6. Pen
7. Sunglasses...I also have a brown pair but they were in the car
8. Headphones (which I keep in there even if #9 isn't)
9. Ipod
10. Gum (Trident Layers - new flavor, Mango & Peach)
11. D & B Makeup bag (see below)
Not Pictured:  Girly Things...always have those handy.  And then my camera (which I am using)
This is the inside of my D & B makeup bag.  This switches from purse to purse and has some good essentials in there.

1. Hair Ties                          2. Mini lint roller (I have 2 dogs)
3. Mini bodyspray                  4. Pills (allergy/ibuprofen)
5. More gum                         6. Comb
7. Little Mirror                       8. Oil-blotting Sheets
9. Toothpicks

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Love, Chelsea said...

Stopping by to say hi from Christa's blog hop! I love that purse, wish I had bought one before I had a kid! ;)

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