Saturday, October 1, 2011

Things I Loved in September

Well September is coming to an end and I am a little bit goes by so fast.  But here are a few things I loved during this great month!

1. The new look of my blog! My good friend Kasey did the whole thing!  She did a fantastic job and I am in debt to her!  I'm sure she spent a lot of time on it and she listened to all my ideas and I couldn't have done it better!  The only thing left to do is change the font of my post titles and sidebars...having some trouble with that.  Oh, and I now have a blog button!  So grab it if you wanna!

2. Joe's Crab Shack.  I love crab legs, lobster, and shrimp!  When I was on my trip to Branson I saw one and I just had to eat there!  I have heard good things about it and it didn't disappoint.  It was a little pricey but my husband and I shared a steam pot and it was plenty.  I loved getting a bib and having permission to just go crazy!  Below is a picture of my husband...he wasn't happy with the prices and his bib. (But he was happy after he ate.) If you can't read it, it says "1st time with crabs!" I thought it was bib just said "nice legs"...couldn't complain.

3. TV came back!  I already posted my crazy TV schedule but again I will express how happy I am about it being back!  I haven't been too disappointed except I really miss Detective Stabler on "Law & Order: SVU".  I just wish he would come back for one last episode to finish up his story instead of just the other characters talking about it.

4. "Bridesmaids"  As soon as I saw it out at Target I bought it.  If you haven't seen it then you are missing out!  My favorite scene is when they are on the plane.  My favorite line? "Help me, I'm poor...".  Kristen Wiig is too funny!

5. Football is back!  Again something I have talked about before, but I was really nervous with the NFL lockout that they might have less games this year. But it all worked out and I get to watch my Packers!

6. Tim Gunn from "Project Runway".  I love this show.  I am a big fan of Heidi Klum (because I love that she is German) and Tim Gunn is just an added bonus.  I love all the big words he uses and how he really cares about the contestants.  Last night he was tearing up as he said good-bye to the contestant who had to leave.  So cute.

1 comment:

Kasey said...

You're very welcome! I'm glad you like it all!

I still have yet to buy Bridesmaids. It's killing me! I wanna watch it again sooo bad.

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