Friday, September 30, 2011

Fill In The Blank Friday

It's Friday!  I am so happy for this!
First off, I have my Internet back (squirrels chewed our outside line), I am pretty sure I had bouts of withdrawal.  Second, this weekend is jam packed with sports!  The Milwaukee Brewers are playing at home for the playoffs Saturday and Sunday, Wisconsin Badgers play, and then of course to top it off, Green Bay Packers play Sunday!

But First...It's time to link up with Lauren for Fill In the Blank Friday!

1.   My current obsession is      redesigning my blog...I am not the one doing it necessarily but I am still obsessing!  .

2.    That there is actually sun outside today    makes me happy.

3.  My greatest strength is   drinking more than the average guy (thank you Germany!) :)   .

4.  _Not being book smart   is my greatest weakness.

5.  My life is doing better. Lately it seems like all the bad stuff has happened at once but I am trying to be optimistic.

6.  In high school I was     in choir, in soccer, and co-captain of the cheerleading squad my senior year   .

7.  When I'm super tired    I don't make any sense when talking..and i actually slur my words  .

1 comment:

Holly said...

Yeah for high school cheerleaders AND being in choir!! Woot! I keep wanting to redesign my blog but I don't know what to do to it...

Have a great weekend!

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