Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Letter

Day 19 (F): 

A picture and a letter
Well one of my Day Zero projects is to write a love letter to my husband.  So I will do a mini (aka non-embarrassing) letter here.  This is a picture of us at my cousin's wedding.

Dear Gussy/Wally:
       We have been together for a total of 11 years...and they haven't always been easy.  The day I thought you were going to propose I told you 'don't do it'.  But you did it anyways...and I found myself saying yes.  Well that was one of the best decisions ever.  We still have our problems but I think we still have a healthy and happy relationship.  Don't get me wrong...you drive my crazy!  But only you can get away with it.  You have given me Mason...the best gift ever.  I hope as we spend the rest of our lives together we continue to be us.  The couple who bickers every day...but hardly ever fights.  Where I can tell you how I feel and not keep it bottled inside.  I just hope we will always be happy and stay together...no matter what we have to face...because you are the one for me.  The only one.


Kasey said...

Aww, goosebumps! :-D

Melissa:: Strong Sense of Style said...

This is so sweet and honest! No one is perfect and no relationship is either. Sounds like you two are perfect together. Congrats on 11 years and heres to many many more!

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