Friday, September 16, 2011

A Mini Break

So I am off on my vacation...I have some scheduled posts but I will be taking a break on my !30 Day Bonanza! posts.  Also when I come back I plan to do a complete Blog redo. I have realized that my header gets cut off, and I feel like my posts are too skinny. Now that I am becoming more knowledgeable (just a little), I hope to make it better looking as well.  Plus I have an idea for a link up.  I don't have too many followers yet so maybe this will help, and find some great new blogs along the way!  

Also, since it will be after vacation (where you get to indulge) I'm starting the 'healthy me'.  One of the 101 things I want to accomplish for my Day Zero Project is that I want to lose 40 lbs (waaaayy post-baby weight).  So I will be talking about progress and what I am up to.  I am NOT  runner but I want to get there.

1 comment:

Kasey said...

Have a fun vacation!!

Can't wait to hear your idea about a link up! I wish I could think of something to do too. I love doing them!

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