Friday, September 2, 2011

30DC Day 7 .... yep all of them again

This one for me is another combination post because they kind of go together

Day 7 - your dream wedding (G)

I am already married and it was the perfect/dream wedding for me.  I do see new things people do and would like to renew vows someday and do those things but I am happy with how mine went.  The only thing I would change is we had specially made napkins that were supposed to go on the tables but they forgot and put it on the cake table.  And then I would have eaten more of the food.  Everyone said it was delicious but I was so nervous/exciting/waiting for the dance to start, that I didn't really eat.  But here are some pictures for you anyways.

Day 7 - Someone who has made you life worth living for (P)
Day 7 - A picture of your most treasured item (F)

These two are going to go together.  I am pulling the mommy card here and saying my son is who made like worth living and is my most treasured item...or person, because that sounds way better. Here is Mason at 4 months in his fedora and then his 1 year pictures.

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