Monday, September 12, 2011

Last of Day 14

P - A hero that has let you down...

I am going today with someone I don't actually know.  My hero was Brett Favre.  You may know him as a Green Bay Packer football legend.  Or the guy who never retires.  Or the guy who 'sexted' that one girl.  Well growing up and watching football with my dad...this was my hero.  He was the teams Quarterback.  He had southern charm, a beautiful family, and easy on the eyes.  The last season he played for the Packers we got to the NFC Championship game.  

Then he retired....He cried, I cried, Wisconsin cried.  But then...he wanted to come back.  I was ok with that but the Packers had moved on with Aaron Rodgers (who I am totally OK with now).  Then he went to the Jets.  And I still loved him.  Then he retired again.  And came back.  Then he went to the disgusting team (Packers rivals) the Minnesota Vikings.  How could my hero and the legend of Green Bay go to the *gasp* Vikings!  Well things changed then...also (like I mentioned before) came that little 'sexting' incident.  Then he got hurt...and retired...finally for good!  

I still love the guy.  He is a big part of my Packers upbringing and will (eventually) retire as a Packer...and be in the Football Hall Of Fame.  He has let me down, but we have got to remember, athletes and stars are people too.  I don't agree with what he did but he will always be special.

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