Thursday, September 8, 2011

#41 Part 1

#41 of my Day Zero Project is to try 10 new recipes.  So this is my first one (I actually did another one but it was a total FAIL).  It is from Mr. Food (he is a big deal husband worked at the TV station and had his picture taken with him...and my Grandma K makes at least one of his recipes a week).  It is called Summer Garden Salad and here is the recipe.

First Step

Second Step 

Finished Product!

My notes

I used lemon juice from the bottle instead of fresh squeezed (I'm lazy) and I don't know if my olive oil was extra virgin olive oil but I used it anyways and still tasted great!

I kept it in the fridge overnight and I thought it tasted better the next day because it had soaked in the juices.

Obviously if you don't like veggies then you won't like this! :)
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