Monday, September 26, 2011

Resuming the 30DC

Day 18 -

G: something you crave a lot -  SALT!  I do not have a sweet tooth...I have (as my husband told me) a salt tooth.  I love fries, fries, and fries (did I already mention them?) It's bad...but I guess it's good in a way because I hardly ever eat chocolate, cake, candy, or pie.

P: your views on gay marriage - I fully support it.  I don't see how it will change anything?  There is already a high divorce rate of straight people...but yet gay people getting married will ruin the institution of marriage?  I kind of understand the religious stand point but I always think "separation of church and state" ...they should still have rights.  Just think...women didn't used to be able to vote or African Americans...but the world has changed and eventually I think it will legal everywhere.  I respect people's opinions who are against it but that doesn't mean someone can't be happy and be with the person they love.

F: a picture of your biggest insecurity - um yeah right...I'm sorry I am not ready to post the picture but I can tell you :)  I would say just self-image...I am not quite comfortable with myself or my body.  Especially after having a baby. I know I will never be super skinny like I was in high school (thanks to sports) but, I know I can be more healthy.  No more smoking (still ashamed to admit I do it), less drinking, less salt/sodium, fried things, carbs...I am ready to start being more healthy and hopefully that will make me appreciate what I see in the mirror.

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