Thursday, September 15, 2011

Everybody Hurts (Day 16)

G - A song that makes you cry -  I tried to post the video but YouTube wouldn't let me, so here is the link.   Everybody Hurts by REM always makes me cry.  And not necessarily always in a sad way. It is just a beautiful song.

P - Someone or something you definitely you could live without - I can't stand David Letterman.  I know some people may think he is funny but I am a Jay Leno fan for life. I actually went to a taping of his show in 2005.  I just find him so much more funny and real.  

F - A picture of someone who inspires you...someone who greatly inspires me is my BFF Candis' mom Janet.  In the past 2 years she has battled breast cancer.  Just the way she handled herself through it all really inspires me.  When she first got it I remember Candis being upset but being reminded from people that her mom is strong.  And today...cancer free. Her attitude through chemo and her surgeries were inspirational.  She was open about talking about it and even though I know she had sick and nauseated days she was a trooper.  She is the kind of person who through all the, cancer, etc...remembers that fun and family are most important.

 During Chemo

Cancer free - All of us hanging out after we won some money in a bar machine :)

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