Friday, September 16, 2011

Day Seventeen

G - something you're looking forward vacation coming up (heard about here).  We will be going to a Kansas City Royals game, going to Branson and then on the way back, stopping through St. Louis!

P - A book you've read that changed your views on something.. I actually answered this question in the post about  'Heaven is for Real' by Todd Burpo...I recommend you read it (my post and the book!)

F - A picture of something that has made a huge impact on your life recently...I consider recently within a span of 5 years (I may be cheating just a little) but 4 years ago I studied abroad.  I lived in Wittenberg, Germany (pictured below) for 4 months with a Host Mom.  Some of you may have heard of Wittenberg.  Is the home of Martin Luther and where the Thesis was nailed to the church door.  I can explain more about him but to tell you the truth I only know it in German and it is hard to remember the English words for it.  Anyways living here changed my life.  It was difficult because 7 months prior I had gotten married.  But I have always been a co-dependent person and this gave me the chance to really figure things out on my own.  If you ever get the chance to study abroad...DO IT!!!  I was terrified and almost didn't go but it was worth it.  I have memories to last a lifetime, (even though I have forgotten some of my German...when you don't use it everyday it slips quickly).

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MaviDeniz said...

thats so amazing, I would have loved to study abroud if I had the opportunity to do so. Maybe somewhere like Turkey or croatia would have been amazing.


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