Tuesday, September 13, 2011

If I Had Facebook When I Was 12...

I am writing this post to get out these feelings about my cousin and Facebook.  She is 12 years old.  These are the things I would never (or hope/pray that I would never) do.

I wouldn't lie all the time.

Since becoming friends with my cousin on Facebook she has said her mom is moving, getting married, her (our!) grandma was dying, that it was her birthday this summer (it is in December)

I wouldn't post these status'.

"Comment if you think I'm pretty"
"Comment if you hate me"
"I'm Ugly"
"Everyone hates me"
"I'm going to cry now"
"Like if I'm cute, comment if I'm ugly, message if I'm hot"...or anything like this

I wouldn't fight on Facebook.  There is a time and place for everything but fights and "hating" your best friend are meant to be private.  I don't need to know that today you hate 'Sally' and the next day you are long lost sisters.

I would try to think about the future.  Am I going to regret saying this tomorrow, in a few days, in a few years?  Because even if it was said and after a day deleted...people who have read it will remember...and hold that against you in the long run.

I think people already share too much...or at least too much drama on Facebook but add in the factor of being juvenile.  I don't know if I can take it.  Don't worry...I have taken the steps of stopping this...but I just had to vent.  


Kasey said...

I agree. Way too much drama on FB. D & I just deleted my cousin's gf off due to drama she was causing by posting on FB. Then she messaged me and asked what she did to make us "defriend" her. So I told her. Some things don't need to be "handled" on FB with a passive-aggressive post, but rather handled directly to the person who so-called offended you. All it does is cause drama and gets people involved who have absolutely no place to be involved (which she accomplished with her post).

I can't believe your cousin is lying like that! Doesn't she realize that people are going to know she is lying? And it's definitely true, once you say something you can delete it if you want, but the damage is most likely already done. Like my cousin's gf. And your cousin. Some things you just can't take back!

Sorry, kinda hijacked your post!

Holly said...

I still think you should have to have a college e-mail to be on Facebook--I registered for mine during my Freshman orientation and didn't even use it until later that year. It's out of control what people put on there and the horrible bullying issues that have come from it. And I really do hope your cousin stops all that lying. Is there anyway you can confront her about it??

Miranda said...

@Kasey lol it's ok...and I don't think she realizes it. I think she is just too young.

@Holly I agree...or at least 18 years of age...even though that doesn't make you mature. I hope she stops lying to and I have asked her about it. She says she was joking or about my grandma says someone else wrote that. I think she just needs to learn on her own unfortunately.

Rod and Alex - aka: "Rolex" said...

She's just too young to be on FB. I was extremely immature when I was 12 and I can't imagine having all of the technology that we have now!
Hopefully her mom and dad know what she is putting out there so they can guide her.

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