Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Oh, How Pinteresting!

Linking up again today with The Vintage Apple!

Love all the colors in this room!

A DIY canvas - the words of your first dance song, at your wedding

Representing Wisconsin...I love the colors and would love this framed on my wall!

Love the idea of these rings...I want the number 3!!!

If it is from someecards, it is more than likely going to be hilarious!  I picked these two this time because I graduated with a degree in Liberal Arts.  So the orange one fits me...And the second one because I am a horrible runner!  I wish I loved it though!

Mason is obsessed with Sesame Street now so I found this probably more funny than the normal person.  

And Finally I leave you with "The Many Faces of Ron Swanson" and Ron Swanson's dancing face. In honor of Parks & Rec starting soon (but not soon enough).  

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